Sidestep third party access and go straight to source with Gamma.

Businesses are often limited by their provider’s third-party network access, unable to fully leverage digital-first services due to the supplier’s lack of control.

Gamma owns its own network, able to offer exceptional availability, reliability and quality on all its fixed and mobile offerings. It means we can provide full telecom wraps that deliver a business-quality user experience for critical services including Unified Communications.

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Our Network.

About our Network.

Voice Network

Our voice product platforms (SIP Trunking, Hosted telephony and Inbound) are an integral part of our national voice and data network

Our underlying voice switching fabric is a carrier class, highly resilient, distributed, next-generation national softswitch network.

Gamma is part of the UK’s national switching infrastructure.

Our network interconnects with all major UK and international fixed and mobile carriers.

We regularly handle over 3.5 million calls during peak business hours.

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Horizon Collaborate Unified Communications

Data Network

We have a number of Points of Presence and Interconnect points across the UK.

Our data access products are designed to assure quality of service for our voice services and provide a single support structure.

Our data service architecture is integrated with our national voice network, enabling a fully-converged service.

Our Ethernet services are delivered through a combination of various UK wholesale providers and our own direct presence in a number of Openreach exchanges.

A fully-resilient solution delivered into more than one network node.

High capacity MPLS core network (10Tb capable routers).

Direct peering with key content providers as well as geographically diverse internet transit.

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Broadband Ethernet Access

Mobile Network

Gamma Mobile is independent from mobile operator control because we own the core mobile network, giving us the same control as we have over fixed voice services for routing of all calls, text and data.

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Gamma Mobile

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