TV program maker moves to SIP, saves money and gets one-stop-shop service

From Question Time and Panorama to Premiership Rugby and the Grand National, the list of credits for TV program makers Sunset+Vine and Mentorn Media, together with sister company Pioneer Productions is as diverse as it is well known.

Add to this the training and learning videos from another sibling, Video Arts, and it’s probably fair to say content from at least one of the four has at some time graced every TV room, family room or boardroom in the land.

The Benefits

  • One name, one number gets everything done whether fixed or mobile.
  • At least £350 a month savings on lines by using Gamma SIP trunks.
  • Around £100 a month savings on call costs alone while supporting more lines and greater call volumes than before.
  • Big savings from porting in an 0845 number from a previous provider.
  • No inbound calls lost during busy times now callers can be routed to auto attendant.
  • Call charges to own mobiles slashed to 1p per minute – a major potential saving.
  • Fully provisioned 30 lines at a new Glasgow office in less than 48 hours.
  • Completely seamless, non-disruptive transition.

The Challenge

The four companies employ 400 people at their London headquarters and at offices in Oxford, Cardiff and Glasgow. In London a legacy telephone system based on ISDN linked staff on all three floors while the remainder relied on their own dedicated telephone lines. Not only was the old system inflexible, it was also costly to run and maintain. Conversely, each location – as you’d expect for organisations routinely handling HD video content – was fully wired for Gigabit Ethernet with access at every desk. As demand for a better phone system grew, a decision was made to take advantage of the high speed data already in situ and adopt SIP telephony company wide. Then the search for a supplier began.






Dedicated Phone Lines

The Solution

With two potential suppliers in the running Gamma were chosen as the company that inspired most confidence in the customer and were the easiest to deal with. We supplied SIP trunks, an on-premises IP PBX and IP phones. We also provided 70+ mobile phones on competitive rates, together with mobile handsets and data SIMs for portable devices, all designed to complement their fixed line solution.

Now, instead of having to deal with two mobile providers, two fixed providers and one hardware provider Sunset+Vine has just one point of contact for everything. Their lines, phones, PBX and mobiles are now on a single, easily managed system from one trusted supplier. They receive only one simple to understand bill which is substantially lower than before thanks to the savings that SIP telephony makes.

Our solution also allows the customer to be more flexible in how they handle calls. For example internal IT people providing critical 24×7 technical support for their colleagues can now be reached on one number regardless of where they are, according to how dial plans have been arranged.

Other new business facilities made possible by the system include audio paging by zones. By dialing certain numbers it is possible for receptionists and others to broadcast audio over telephone loudspeakers in designated parts of the building, alerting staff to the presence of callers or visitors.

Also, Sunset+Vine has been able to dispense with expensive third-party conferencing services by using our system to set up and run their own conference calls at a fraction of the cost.


Mobile Phones


Point Of Contact For Everything


Technical Support


The whole process of switching to Gamma was completely seamless and didn’t get in the way of normal working. Now instead of talking to five people at five different companies to get things done we have one contact at Gamma for everything.

Stuart Unwin, Office Manager
Sunset & Vine, Mentorn Media