Optimise your business voice strategy cost-effectively with Gamma.

No matter the size or sector, organisations are continually looking for ways to deepen customer relations while simplifying comms infrastructures and reducing costs.

With an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony solutions, Gamma is trusted by its customers to deliver critical business voice services that are scalable and offer outstanding functionality.

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  • Does Gamma allow us to build call plans?

    Using our Inbound product, you can build call plans according to your operating hours and modify them instantly with your changing business needs. Schedule call routing in advance according to your business hours and call handling preferences, and use call divert options to maximise your call handling potential, providing an improved service to customers.

  • How can we retain phone access in an emergency?

    Deploy Gamma’s SIP trunking to handle emergencies such as office closure due to flooding, etc. SIP is disaster recovery/business continuity-ready, allowing you to reroute calls to an alternative location quickly and easily, meaning you never miss a call.

  • What if we are moving office?

    Number flexibility with SIP trunking means that you can keep your existing number, even when moving out of the area. This saves you costs on printed company literature and stationery while maintaining the perception that you still have a presence in the area you have moved from.

  • What are the financial benefits?

    There is no up-front spend on hardware or software plus hosted telephony means no costly PBX maintenance or upgrades as we are responsible for the hardware and software, including system upgrades. You can also access low-cost and free IP calling.

  • Does quality suffer compared to fixed telephony?

    Start with a proper business network, add quality of service and SLAs and your staff and customers will be unable to tell that they’re using a cloud-based phone system rather than fixed line.

  • What is hosted telephony?

    A telephone system that resides in the cloud rather than in your office. Users access the system through a standard IP handset or a softphone – a screen-based virtual phone with headset. Calls are made/received over a broadband connection to the Gamma network. From there they are routed to PSTN fixed and mobile devices.

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Brands that trust Gamma.

Gamma’s customer service has been second to none, they deal with any issues promptly and their Inbound service means we can easily divert lines in an emergency.

Sue Smith
ICT Service Desk Manager, First Wessex

Brands that trust Gamma.

As a government body we buy through a purchasing framework. Gamma is on that framework and came up with the best, most professional solution which was also very well priced. We’ve got more resilience, more flexibility and have achieved substantial savings.

Andrew Clark
Data network support officer, Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary

Brands that trust Gamma.

We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled levels of customer service and convenience. Gamma is enabling us to offer that, as well as supporting our wider business goals through transforming Metro Banks telecoms infrastructure.

Luis Aguiar
Infrastructure Delivery Team Leader at Metro Bank